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Hopes for Sailor Moon 2013

I’ll be happy as long as there is no Moonlight Knight

I hope the new anime makes gags or references from the old anime for the older fans.

I hope it’s not overly digital like all the new magical girl series.

Fanart by 亞沙

I hope there is a Lethe and Mnemosyne episode!

Scan from

I really hope that Terri Hawkes does Usagi’s voice in the American dub.

Photo from Sailormoonnews

I hope homosexuality is not covered up in the American dub.

Mod note: So I totally didn’t realize until just now that I censored this picture. Lmao.

I hope Dark Sailor Mercury will  be included in the new anime.

Scan from Three-Lights.Net

I hope Saturn gets her well deserved screen time.

I hope the characters look like they do in the manga

Scan from Manga Style!

I hope Haruka and Michiru remain lesbians.

Scan from Manga Style

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